Quit Being A Typical Millennial

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Millennials are the generation who grew up alongside worldwide web, google and social media. We are the middle generations who have seen the world without the internet and appreciate the fact that the internet and technologies happened to us whilst we were still young and fresh to take them as an essential part of life. Having said that, we are those generations of adults who are stuck in time when the greatest revolution is taking place in human era. Everything from society, beliefs, technologies, lifestyle, humanology and thoughts are changing at such a pace that now we know the possibilities are endless. We are the know-it-all generation and everyone talk about big things. Having said that, we are also the generation who think we are a little bit too late, perhaps because we had to discover things on our own as we grew up. We have the pleasure of meeting them along our way, but at the same time disappointment of not being told about things since we were born because everything we knew from our childhood to teenage resonate very less to our present situation, our desires and ambitions and it is very hard for us to adapt to the new lifestyle while still pretending we are okay and we are not the typical millennials. We are slightly confused, and we tend to follow our parents’ legacy because we are very comfortable with it and we know how it is going to end up like. We have this mind convulsion, most times of our days and lives because we are actually stuck in the middle and we cannot time travel to change anything about it. However bad or good it may seem, there are ways we can still live up to the expectations of our ‘’present’’ time, not bearing the feeling of being a bit too old.


The first and foremost thing to consider is to stop comparing our lives with other millennials right now. Believe it or not, most of the other millennials would secretly hope to escape the stereotypical life that they are living but no one tells you that. We just need to do our own thing at our own pace at our own interest without trying too hard to fit in.

Like I mentioned earlier, we feel somewhat bit too old to do the things we really love which leaves us with the feeling that we would have achieved greater things, had we known about things earlier. We always judge life by age, which is what we grew up hearing. But it has to end. The whole stereotypical stages of life and living to make a better death, is overdone grudgingly and can be suffocating because all these things are tied up to our age, which means all we are doing is planning for a better old age rather than living our lives, honestly.


There is abundance of inspiration everywhere around us and online and it’s not hard at all to learn and get motivated, however, most of the time, inspiration fades away within less time than it takes us to make another round of coffee. Being truly inspired means understanding and implementing it in our lives, creating a bigger goal and aspiring to do great things. This is when things will change for better for us.


We become who we see all the time so when we think of our work life as adults, we have become the exact replica of our surroundings. It’s a fact that most of us have our friends, family and surroundings who have a routine job as a source of income for survival because it is given and most common way humans have ever earned money. But this does not have to continue forever and we do not have to live a routine life, but should go and seek freedom in life by liberating ourselves from the everyday chaos and stress that routine work can give. It may not sound easy as said, but if our heart is calling out to start our own thing, we should go for it. Focus on your goals everyday and you will get there one day at a time until you completely set your own means of survival.


Millennials are no more so young as perceived by fellow humans that does not mean we cannot learn new things. We can absolutely learn anything we wish for however late in our lives. We should wipe off the ‘embarrassment’ feelings from our mind, body and soul and embrace with an open heart what life has to offer no matter what stage of life we are at. Take life as a long tour and learn anything anytime. Deadlines, limits and boundaries are all imaginary. Remember, no one can stop you from doing the things you always wanted to do, except you.


We all know we are here on this earth for a specific period of time and who knows when it is going to end. Even if it lasts another 100 years, nothing will matter to us then. Being so rigid, stuck up, ashamed, embarrassed, scared, egocentric, closed down and everything not nice is not worthy for our future anyway. Life is too short to be seeking validation from others. Be your own inspiration and make it worth it and don’t let stereotypes be the greatest distraction from being your true self.

Acceptance is the first step towards enlightenment. We make mistakes all the time knowingly and unknowingly, but the most important thing is realising our mistakes, our wrong choices and attitudes and accepting them. When you accept your wrong doings with all your knowledge, you will not feel bad or regret about it anymore. There is nothing wrong with realising your mistakes for there is no one else to judge your mind more than you do. So accept mistakes and liberate yourself for better days ahead.


Being the fully grown up adults, we have the advantage of having experienced quite a lot by now as we all have gathered enormous life skills and great ideas that can be part of this world, however, most of us are too busy building a normal life who do not even care about doing greater things. We are so heavily settled in our comfort zone that trying anything new with our amazing skills does not even get a chance to test its own worthiness. We do not want to risk the smallest of it which is why most of us end up being the typical millennial. If you do not want yourself to be called so, you will need to dump your fears and get started right now.


The most dangerous part of being the average 20–36 year olds is being complacent because during this time we are being heavily settled down in life after university days are over and having quite a stable career, looking forward to family life, etc. There will be overwhelming things to do and we get distracted easily and once we get into the job, mortgage, marriage, children paradigm, we become so complacent that we start feeling this is all our life is about. Yes, then the dreams and visions of our early age fades in the background without us even realising. It does not have to be this anymore. We cannot afford to make excuses after excuses about lack of time, opportunities, financial stability and what not, for our complacency. If we really want, we can balance our life very well by proper time & schedule management, that means we will not miss out on at least few of the most important things in our lives.

Life is just the beginning whenever or where ever you start and we must push ourselves and come out of our cozy shells if we want to live the real dream of our lives.

Sometimes, it may sound that both happiness and passion are the same thing because they complement each other well, but they are poles apart. Some days we tend to think that happiness is all we want with or without passion and we choose to be happy and find happiness in little things, which is good, but secretly we might be burying our desires and passion inside us for the sake of happiness we find in other things. Passion is the ultimate human instinct that keeps us going for the rest of our lives no matter what the circumstances, and nothing on earth can force you towards it. Passion comes naturally and the feeling of joy and satisfaction you get from living your passion cannot be compared to any happiness in the world. Millennials often bury passions because we think we don’t have time as we feel it is too late to start anything but it is never too late to do anything. My Mother always tells me how she had missed out on so many opportunities in life by not listening to her heart and not following her dreams and passions when she had all the time and energies in the world, and that I should not be repeating the mistake she had done. Her words have always remained in my sub-conscious since childhood and it has been one of the greatest words of wisdom granted to me ever. So we must change our mentality, and do the things we really love, because in 10 years time you will be more happy for listening to your heart than be sorry for not.

Source: https://medium.com/@judecy/how-to-stop-being-a-typical-millennial-47f00bba1842

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